Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nefarious Club Year 2 is Here!

By Popular Demand, the Nefarious Club is rolling into its second year and I'll be dyeing up even more of your evil favorites. This year we have more options, more ease in handling your subscription and I'm partnering with some of my crafty colleagues to create (optional) swag! Pick your poison and subscribe here (full details below all the buttons)

Untitled-1 copy

Pick Your Poison

ADD SWAG! Can't get enough? Upgrade your membership to include devilishly delightful thematic swag. Bags by RachelM, Stitch Markers by DreamyYarnCrafts are just the beginning!

US Domestic subscription is $30 monthly, including Priority shipping. Payments are made one month in advance, which ensures your yarny goodness is here and ready for me to dye :) You can manage your subscription (i.e. cancel it) with the buttons above. Please do email me at cosmicfibersyarn at verizon dot net if you're having any problems with your subscription or with your packages (or I'm dharmafey on Ravelry). International memberships are welcomed--send me a message and I'll hook you up with the suitable subscription service for your area.Sock yarn subscription includes 100 gms or 4 oz skeins of fingering to sport weight yarnSpinning fiber quantities will vary commensurate with the base fiber--typically 6-8 ozI strive to keep all memberships at retail value or better averaging over several months. The same value-matching will extend to swag upgrades.


Joyful Darkness said...

2010!!! Are you posting from the FUTURE?

Dharmafey said...

Yes --that keeps it "pinned" to the top of the page ;)

SinKnitty said...

when do the first shipments go out?

Dharmafey said...

Mid-April--I plan to ship them out in the second week of the month, generally. As the dust settles for the first month it'll be a smidge later. (They're officially going out on Thursday)

Miss Scarlett said...

I just went to purchase a membership but...if it comes out each month effective Jan 16...will that mean we are paying for

wait a minute

is this a current club? or a finshed club -- oh man
I am so confused!