Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nefarious Year Three--March 2010 through Feb 2011

Please remember to wait til late Feb to sign up for Year Three here! (I'll email this individually to all members, but it's better to cover all the bases :)

Subscribe here for Year 3--Yarn Only
Subscribe here for Year 3--Yarn Plus Swag

Please use these links for the full-year enrollment (March 2010-February 2011)--they're programmed to begin and end at the right times. If you're joining later on, please use these open-enrollment buttons. Payments are made a month in advance to ensure supplies and that your yarn is ready for you :) Please sign up in the last two weeks of the month for the next month's shipment. (i.e. sign up on Feb 20th for the March shipment, and so on through the year).

Partial Year open-enrollment--Yarn Only
Partial year open-enrollment--Yarn Plus Swag

These links are for US shipping only. Contact me for international subscriptions. Cost is $25 plus actual shipping costs (based on 4 oz package) ($10 add'l for swag upgrade, which makes 9 oz shipping weight).